About Ali

Artist statement:  Born and raised in Mississippi, I grew up listening to stories (and telling quite a few).  Everyone in the South has a tale to tell.  Most likely you will hear the story more than once, with the tale getting taller each time.  I think this way of thinking has shaped what I look for when shooting a photo, and also what comes to play when creating a piece of mobile art.
With each image, I try to take the viewer on a journey through some unlikely place.  There may be a suggested plot, I will try to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to what it may be, but what really happens is left entirely up to the one viewing the image.  I believe the world is an incredibly beautiful, enchanted, magical place, but also dark, mysterious, and sometimes lonely.  Incorporating all of these aspects is what I try to achieve through my images.
The IPhone changed the way I took photos.  I never could save up enough money to get a “good” camera and editing software was also out of reach.  With my phone, I have the tools to create anything I can imagine and I can do it anywhere.  This method suits my personality fine.  I joined Instagram in November 2010 and really started posting in the Spring of 2011.  The feedback and support from followers that I receive on my images have really propelled me to continue pushing myself to become a better artist and photographer.
From the moment Ali got her first IPhone in 2009,  she knew that IPhoneography was her passion.  Today she shoots and edits using her IPhone 5.   It is a challenge that constantly pushes her to think in new ways and keeps her eyes open to the world around her.  She has been featured in numerous blogs and publications, including National Geographic online, Leveled Magazine, KIOSK magazine and Le Nouvel Observateur.   She has had work hung in Animazing Gallery in SoHo, NYC in March 2012, at the LA-MAF in Santa Monica Art Gallery, and will be part of the Digital gallery at Macworld in San Francisco January 31-February 2, 2013.  Her photo, “Summer’s End” was recently named runner up in the Mobile Photography Awards.  She also received honorable mentions on five other images.  All will be shown at the SOHO Gallery for Digital Art February 22-28 2013, and “Summer’s End” will go on the Mobile Photography Awards gallery tour.

2 thoughts on “About Ali

  1. Hi Ali,

    I came across your work recently and would love to explore the idea of using one of your photos, or creating a new photo as the leading image for my organization’s volunteer/donor thank you event. I work for LandPaths, http://www.landpaths.org right here in Sonoma County and would love to highlight your work. Our theme is usually centered around the full moon, and your images of children and moons seem such a perfect fit! Please email me or give me a call if we can talk further?


    Laura Gilbert
    707-544-7284 x 106

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